Avril et Chad ont été aperçues à Disneyland à Anaheim.


Publié le 17 Nov 2012

De Shilpa le 20 Jan 2013 08:34 am
Hello George,Thanks for your comment!I denfiitely hope it will be but at this point it's really hard to say. Jagex's CEO did mention in the launch video that it is set for release in 2011. Time's ticking away but there's still a few months left in the year.Jack
De Vinicius le 20 Jan 2013 08:35 am
Sage,I'm going to try to make it down. I hope that I'm not scheduled to work. We'll see. However, my real movtie for doing it was really just to feel like I was working at your brewery. I love taping boxes. I love mashing in. I've worked out of a brewery at one point but they had q.c. issues that caused them not to be able to employ people. If you read our site much, you'll know that Nate and I intend to open a brewery at some point. I just love being involved in the whole process. Thanks for letting me know that I can get that stuff from the tap I'll do everything in my power to make it down.[]
De tvlegjtq le 22 Jan 2013 07:43 pm
De Will le 20 Feb 2013 10:30 am
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